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Why Fix it if it’s Not Broken?

Why Fix it if it’s Not Broken?

Mechanic fixing car

Many health problems fester without serious symptoms, making correction more difficult later.

This is the “Let sleeping dogs lie” approach to health care! I feel fine. Why do I need to see a doctor?

These are folks who never miss a day of work in their life and then out of the blue, drop dead of a heart attack.

That’s the problem with the lifestyle-induced health problems facing our culture. They quietly fester in the background, slowly worsening, often without any obvious symptom. Arterial plague builds up. Blood pressure rises. Certain foods now cause heartburn. Every morning you get out of bed a little bit slower and stiffer. You hardly notice the incremental change.

Ironically, these are often the same folks who religiously change their oil and do other preventive maintenance to lengthen the life, appearance and performance of their car!

If you’re one to avoid doctors, you’ll love visiting a chiropractor. No shots. No yucky medicine. No “healthier-than-thou” attitude. No preaching.