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Lumbar Test

Contracted Leg Length Test

Step 1

Lumbar Test Step 1

Have the test subject wear a pair of hard soled shoes and lie across a bed, face down, with arms relaxed at each side. (The head must remain straight down throughout the test.)

Step 2

Lumbar Test Step 2
Apply equal pressure with both thumbs to the arches of each shoe. Are both legs of equal length when the bottoms of the shoes are parallel?

_Left leg short _Right leg short _Equal length

Step 3

Lumbar Test Step 2

Bend both legs to a 90 degree angle so the bottoms of the shoes are parallel with the floor. Does one leg appear shorter?

_Left leg short _Right leg short _Equal length


A difference of greater than 1/4″ in any of the positions is clinically significant. Uneven leg length is a common sign of spinal problems that often respond to chiropractic care. Find out if chiropractic care could help. Contact an Association member chiropractor to arrange a more thorough examination!